COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science behind the protocols?

There is much debate behind the various protocols available to treat COVID.  It is important to not become bogged down in rhetoric and hearsay, but to follow the science which is exactly what multiple physicians have done in offering their recommendations.  There are now multiple protocols that have been devised by physicians all across the country.

Are these medications being used currently and do they work?

There are many countries throughout the world where these medications have been extremely effective against COVID.

If these medications work so well, then what is the prescriber hesitation?

As with any innovation in medicine, there is a natural hesitation to question ideas that challenge the current standard of care.  This is seen time and time again in medicine.  At one time hand washing was very controversial and led to the brutal demise of one proponent. 

What role does the immune system play in battling COVID?

Humanity has been gifted with a fantastic immune system with many defense mechanisms.  Physicians are now seeing how vital vitamins and supplements are in providing ammunition to the immune fighting cells.